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Julians Stud Ring SE1417002
Looking for an easy way to keep it up? Try Julian's Stud Ring. No pumps, meds or heavy equipment required. Simply wrap the fully adjustable, comfortable elastic around your cock to improve your erection. The ring is easily removed whenever you have had enough sexual pleasure. Erection enhancement has never been so easy!
The Lasso Erection Keeper SE1408012
Its time to lasso that erection so you can keep it up for the rest of the ride. With the soft, adjustable Lasso Erection Keeper, you will enhance your erection and stay hard longer than you ever thought possible. Just lasso your penis, adjust the stretchy cord and get back in the saddle.
Dr. Joel Kaplan Adjustable Erection Enhancing Lasso - Black SE5651033
The Erection Enhancing Lasso from Cal Exotics is endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan. The fully adjustable enhancers are comfortable and easily removed and made of surgical grade latex.
Silicone Stud Lasso Ring Black SE1408032
The Silicone Stud Lasso Ring a comfortable and adjustable erection enhancer. Made from hygienically superior material, the Stud lasso increases stamina and provides extra support.
Colt Leather Adjustable Cock And Ball Strap - 5 Snap  SE6843302
The Colt Leather Cock And Ball Strap is made of soft and supple, high-quality, hand double-stitched black leather, and features secure, chrome steel snaps. With extra snap fasteners along the strap for extra tight or extra loose so you decided how you want it to feel.
Ball Spreader - Medium  SE1412013
This ball spreader is an erection strap and ring combination that provides for prolonged erections and more enjoyable love-making. The adjustable 3-snap strap is designed for comfort and comes in two ring sizes for a superb fit. The Medium comes with a 1.5 inch ring.
Snap Neoprene Cockring - Black   PF-CR60
The easy to use Neo Ring is one of the most comfortable cock rings on the market. With four individual snaps you can easily and securely adjust the size of the ring as your dick gets bigger. The snaps are very durable and fit very tight so you don’t have to worry that it might come off during sex. There are no sharp edges and the neoprene material is extremely comfortable with just the right amount of give so it doesn’t get too tight.
Silicone Stud Lasso Ring - Red SE1408112
The Silicone Stud Lasso Ring a comfortable and adjustable erection enhancer. Made from hygienically superior material, the Stud lasso increases stamina and provides extra support.
Speed Shift Erection Ring -  Black  PF-SS01B
This Speed Shift is full of surprises with its adjustable quick release tab and seventeen different size tab and seventeen different size to worry about this ring not fitting you just simply change the tab so it truly is one size fits all. Not to mention if you have a friend over you don’t have to go digging through your closet to find one that fits this one will do the trick. The ball rope works in combination with the ball guide to allow easy adjusting of the ring while in use. The two inch increments are designed so that every man can get the perfect fitting ring. Combined with a quick release tab this productis ideal for first timers and individuals who are looking for an easy to use ring.
Sean Michaels Love Ring SE1410113
Achieve, maintain and control your erection with Sean Michaels Love Ring. A totally revolutionary cock ring, the beads on either side of the rubber make it easy to adjust as arousal and size increase. Simply slip the stretchy, comfortable red rubber over your penis and cinch the beads down to help you get it up, and when it's up, fine tune the pressure to keep things going big and strong for a prolonged erection. Your partner will love the extra time you have when Sean Michael is in your corner of the ring.
Silicone Tri-snap Ball Spreader    SE1413253
Stretchy and comfortable, the Silicone Tri-Snap Ball Spreader™ is made from soft, smooth, and durable Silicone. It's three-snap design is fully adjustable and the added scrotum snap provides support and stamina. Experience enhanced stimulation with the testicular separation strap. The luxurious Silicone is body-safe and the heavy-duty hardware is nickel-free.

1.25”/3.25 cm (inner ring diameter)
8.5” x 1”/21.5 cm x 2.5 cm (scrotum ring)
In The Navy Power Ring - Blue  PD2208-14
Maintain a full hard erection with this high tech cock ring.
Gladiator Power Ring - Purple PD2208-12
Maintain a full hard erection with this high tech cock ring.
Xact- Fit 3 Premium Silicone Rings - #17, #18, #19  PF-CR92B
Imagine if a finger ring only came in three sizes equivalent to the circumference of a dime and a quarter and a dollar coin – how would they fit? Well until now, cock rings were sized even farther apart than this! No wonder finding a good fitting cock ring is near impossible. Perfect Fit has developed the first cock ring sizing system designed to fit you without too much pull but with enough restriction to be truly effective.

#17: Diameter - 1.7", Circumference - 5.3"
#18: Diameter - 1.8", Circumference - 5.7"
#19: Diameter - 1.9", Circumference - 6"
Code Red Power Ring - Red  PD2208-15
Maintain a full hard erection with this high tech cock ring.
All American Triple Rings-  Clear NW2152-1
100 percent stretchy silicone rings for longer harder erections. 3 sizes per package.
Adjustable Loop Enhancer - Clear Glitter  SE1422002
This comfortable, fully adjustable, clear jelly glitter cock enhancer will get you going any night.
Original Oitlan C ring  BSPL-06A
This simple leather cock ring can adjust along three different snaps.
Mack Tuff Adjustable Silicone Cock Tie - Black  NW2525-2
Stay hard all night with the Mack Tuff Adjustable Silicone Cock Tie! Tie is Silicone and amp is ABS.
Leather 3 Snap Ring - Black  SE1411032
3 snap adjustable cock ring goes from about 1.75 inches in diameter at its smallest and about 2.5 inches diameter at its largest.
Fifty of Grey Again and Again Adjustable Cock Ring   LHR-59954
• Silicone lasso-style Fifty Shades of Grey love ring
• Can help enhance his erection size and stamina during lovemaking
• Completely adjustable to suit men of all girths
• Fit can be altered during sex for a tailored experience
• Travel-friendly sizing for holidays and hotel stays
• Quick release button
Reds Black Leather English Cock And Ball Cage - Black  DJ2002-01
La Cage Aux Balls. Popular toy for intensifying those randy penile moments. Cock sticks through the metal ring, while the black leather strap separates the balls and supports the entire package.
Clincher - Red  NW1646-1
Adjustable cockring. Bead slides up and down. Rubber tubing stretches.
plain Joe Sewn Garment Leather C Ring  BSPL-06W
This simple leather cock ring can adjust along three different snaps.
Tlc Kinky Cock Ring And Ball Harness - Neoprene TS1006017
Flexible lightweight neoprene cock ring with ball harness provides a snug comfortable fit. Features metal snaps for multiple size adjustments. Users enjoy the sexy look of leather without the hassles. Hand washable for hygienic enjoyment.